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Welcome to Start Somewhere, your home for a whole-body approach to vibrance, resilience, and a longer healthspan.  Dr. Debbie Ozment’s thirty-plus years in clinical practice has given her keen insights to health and wellness from a unique vantage point.  Enjoy her fresh perspectives on creating a balanced and healthy environment. Add energy and vibrancy to your life!  Start Somewhere will enable you to create your own environment of sustainable strategies to nurture your mind, body and spirit. Staying healthy need not be stressful or difficult. Dr. Debbie will provide you with scientific insights and practical techniques to guide you on your adventure. 


Build a Backyard Greenhouse

Recently my husband, Mike, constructed a small greenhouse in our backyard.  I had no idea how wonderful it would be to step into this tiny structure in the dead of winter and pick fresh food.  Regardless of the size, a greenhouse provides an enjoyable and efficient way to grow food in a relatively protected environment.  Ours was constructed from a cattle panel and simply covered in plastic.  While unsophisticated, it got us started.  This is the YouTube that inspired us.  I hope it stimulates your creative zest too!

Covered with plastic or glass walls, heat is conserved and light is allowed to filter through which creates an ideal environment for a variety of plant possibilities.  Plants grown in a greenhouse have more temperature stability and a steady microclimate allows gardeners to extend the growing season for plants that are susceptible to colder temperatures.  Here are some reasons to START SOMEWHERE with a small greenhouse:

- Protection from unpredictable, inclement weather.  An unforeseen or drastic change in weather patterns can demolish outdoor plants, especially tender seedlings.  A greenhouse provides protection from high winds, dust storms, heavy rain or hail and greenhouse plants are protected against the soil erosion of heavy rains.

- Isolation from critters large and small.  A greenhouse that is tightly sealed with caulking and has proper airflow can provide protection from rodents, insects, and plant diseases.  We are not at this point yet but are working in that direction.

- Control over chemicals.  Pesticides and other toxic chemicals are routinely used on conventionally grown produce to enhance production.  Pesticide residues from long-banned chemicals are present on over five percent of produce according to the Environmental Working Group.  The University of Washington School of Public Health has a good article about the health risks of pesticides on food.    

Build a backyard greenhouse and grow fresh, delicious produce.  START SOMEWHERE with a small, inexpensive one like we did.  The results are addictive!  NOURISH LIFE with more real food.  You can do it.  I will help you.  

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