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Welcome to Start Somewhere, your home for a whole-body approach to vibrance, resilience, and a longer healthspan.  Dr. Debbie Ozment’s thirty-plus years in clinical practice has given her keen insights to health and wellness from a unique vantage point.  Enjoy her fresh perspectives on creating a balanced and healthy environment. Add energy and vibrancy to your life!  Start Somewhere will enable you to create your own environment of sustainable strategies to nurture your mind, body and spirit. Staying healthy need not be stressful or difficult. Dr. Debbie will provide you with scientific insights and practical techniques to guide you on your adventure. 


HEAL-th or HELL-th?

Recently, while enjoying a “jumbo hotdog” before a concert, someone interrupted the conversation and said, “Aren’t you feeling really guilty right now for eating that?” It was quite random! I was obviously savoring that delicacy! I work hard to NOT give advice or my opinion to anyone unless they specifically ask me for it. Consequently, my behavior after hours has likely swung to the other end of the pendulum -- I work hard to stay mute in the area of health and wellness. Nevertheless, I constantly receive and am constantly taken by surprise at comments like this. The assumptions are as honest and innocent as they are frequent. This is so troubling to me because too many people believe that if you want to be “healthy,” then you must endure an austere life of misery, guilt, and deprivation. They erroneously deduce that “health” means giving up all of the tastes that you have grown to love. They downright think that life is no fun if you want to be “healthy!”

Have an honest conversation with yourself. What emotion does the word “health” evoke in you? What is your very first response? Do you think of restriction or freedom? Are you afraid that you will miss out on life or are you excited about increasing your energy and zest? You can reclaim your vitality. Careful evaluation of your own emotional mindset is key. This weekly blog post is dedicated to helping you START SOMEWHERE to move toward feeling better and loving your life at the same time.

When you hear “health,” do you think HEAL-th or HELL-th? I’m uniquely qualified to help you unravel your mindset as well as your habits to enjoy your life both today and tomorrow. Trained at Mayo Clinic, I am a Nationally Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach. With a Masters from Morsani College of Medicine, I will give you research-based information to help you find your own HEAL-th groove. As a Fellow in the Academy of Anti-aging Medicine, I am perpetually attending ongoing education to share with you. My 34 years of clinical experience as a dentist have given me the opportunity to serve thousands of people and observe their habits and health trajectories. It has been an incredible adventure! I’ve learned much about what works and what doesn’t work.

In this weekly blog, my specific focus of expertise will be to help you develop a healthy microbiome -- the approximately 30-foot long digestive canal that begins at your mouth. Healing starts in the gut and there are many small steps that you can incorporate into your life to feel great today as well as enjoy more life down the road.

Your mindset navigates your decisions. Many, if not most, decisions are routed through your emotional center before they arrive at the logical area of your brain. I won’t be recommending diets or fads; a legalistic mindset doesn’t lead to sustained freedom. Ponder your own emotional response as you think about “healthy habits.” Watch my 14.5 minute TEDx and join me weekly for an information-packed blog that will be worthy of your time. Reclaim your vitality. You can do it. I will help you.


Debbie Ozment, DDS, MS

Healthspan Strategist

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